About Us

HiPerf, Inc. is considered a leader within the industry because of our innovations. For example, we developed a “team coaching” approach. This allows organizations to reap the benefits of individual coaching on a broader scale. HiPerf, Inc. developed this approach because our customers' requests for coaching within a condensed period of time. The “team coaching” approach was formed based on our research that identified the recurring themes most common in an organization.

Team Coaching…

HiPerf, Inc’s “team coaching” approach is a tool used to enable the sharing of common area which most often requires improvement or attention. “Team coaching” also provides a forum for open discussion with the managers and often leads to managers realizing that additional coaching and facilitation, which is customized to meet specific needs, is beneficial for the employees and the organization as a unit.

Our Experience…

HiPerf, Inc. has years of documented experience with the Federal Government and this experience has helped to ensure that our Federal customers are able to implement improvements and changes to the strategic, organizational and tactical levels. HiPerf, Inc. makes it our business to understand the unique needs of eachExperience customer and design the delivery of our services to meet the customer’s particular environment. Our practice to conduct a personalized assessment of an organization's strengths and disconnects prior to tailoring our approach to close gaps, has proven to be the root of our success. Conducting a personal assessment is critical to ensure our mutual success prior to the implementation of specific training, leadership development and executive consultation.

Our Pledge…

bullet To continually support senior executives, managers and team leaders to develop
   commonly shared directions for the organization
bullet To develop strategic plans with specific goals and objectives to implement a
   shared direction
bullet To develop cross-functional partnerships to integrate business plans
bullet To help develop flexibility within an organization to enable the adoption of
   changes in the business environment
bullet To put mechanisms in place to monitor and evaluate the organization's progress
   towards strategic goals and objectives