HiPerf., Inc., is a highly experienced and skilled organization with an active cadre of consultants with over 400 combined years of experience in management and leadership development, executive coaching, curriculum development, training, customer service, organizational change, interpersonal communication and team development.

Our highly skilled and experienced team consists of:

William (Bill) Rose:  Bill is Founder and Partner of HiPerf, Inc., an outcome-focused consulting firm that provides executive coaching, human capital strategies, leadership development, organizational development, process improvement, facilitation and training support. Bill founded HiPerf, Inc. on the belief that each organization and leader is unique and must be met where they are in order to move forward. Bill has achieved success in all aspects of organizational and leadership development by understanding the heart of the organization before developing and implementing strategies that help leaders achieve desired change and effectiveness. Using an outcome-focused approach, Bill has documented over 40 years of success in the military, private industries and government agencies. A graduate of the U.S. Army’s Organizational Effectiveness Consulting School, Bill has provided consulting and coaching to leaders at all levels of the military (motor pool to 4-Star); served as Organizational Development Consultant to teams within Lockheed Martin during the development of the Titan space launch program, key business mergers; and has provided support to numerous government agencies and Fortune 500 companies during important transitions.

Cheryl Rose:  Cheryl is Partner and President of HiPerf, Inc., a results-oriented leadership and organizational development consulting firm. Cheryl has over 20 years’ experience in training design and delivery, leadership development, employee development, team development, change management, leadership coaching, and all aspects of organizational development. Cheryl is experienced in virtual workplaces, as both a worker and leader, and understands the unique opportunities faced by leaders today. Using HiPerf techniques and tools, Cheryl leads a group of highly diverse consultants focused on helping organizations turn business strategies into success. A highly experienced facilitator, Cheryl has designed and delivered meetings, workshops and conferences of all sizes (3 to 300+). She is also certified in numerous leadership training courses, MBTI and other instruments, Change Management, Project Management, Contact Center Management, Customer Service, ROI techniques, and is a Six Sigma Greenbelt. Cheryl began her career with American Express where she and her team were recognized for implementation of successful innovation approaches to leadership development.

Tim Donahue:  Tim has 15 years’ experience in leading organizational effectiveness initiatives with public and private sector leaders. Tim has significant experience in building organizational capabilities through learning programs, talent effectiveness initiatives and executive and leadership development. He is skilled in working with a broad range of stakeholders to bring strategic goals to life through real-world execution. Tim has coached leaders in developing self-awareness and increasing the impact of their teams and direct reports. His experience extends from strategy to design, development and execution of programs and tools to enhance workplace effectiveness. Tim was a contributing author of Talent Readiness: The Future is Now, published in 2010.

Ann Everett:  Ann has over 35 years’ Federal Government experience and retired from the US GSA as a Senior Executive. Ann served as Acting Regional Administrator/Deputy Regional Administrator where, among other things, she was the driving force behind initiatives to restructure organizations into customer-focused, cost-driven service delivery operations. Included in Ann’s responsibilities were evaluating the performance of several headquarter offices and regional offices to ensure they conformed to national policies and procedures, as well as identification of problems, development of alternatives for resolution, and development of additional policies. Ann is experienced in the development of leadership programs for managers and supervisors; and, engaging front-line managers to work more effectively with a world class workforce. Ann has also served as a key member of the agency’s Human Capital Council, and its first Executive Mentoring Steering Committee. For many years, she served as a formal and informal coach and mentor for employees at all levels, including political appointees. As a HiPerf consultant, Ann provides executive coaching, team coaching, leadership development, team building, facilitation, and development of customized workshops based on specific customer needs. She has coached leaders in developing self-awareness, leading change, strategic planning initiatives, building stronger coalitions, and leading their teams to be more efficient and effective as “one team” achieving positive results.

Melanie Palmer:  Melanie has over 30 years of leadership development and organizational consulting experience in both federal government and corporate organizations. She has extensive expertise in management and team development, coaching at all levels, building effective communication skills, conflict resolution, emotional effectiveness and change management. Melanie has substantial workshop development and delivery experience. She holds several certifications in coaching, training and facilitation, and is qualified to administer and interpret MBTI and Insights Discovery. She is also a certified DDI Targeted Selection Administrator.

Doug Groseclose:  Doug has over 40 years’ experience in leadership and organizational development. He has significant expertise in quality systems/processes, leadership training and development, talent management, succession planning, business strategy formation and development, change management and executive coaching. His industry experience spans textile manufacturing to aerospace. Current clients include Tri-City Electric Company, Florida’s largest electrical contractor, and Pathways to Home, a community collaborative (a 501C). He has consulted with manufacturing and high-tech companies, the U.S. federal government, and local not-for-profit social service groups.

Maurine Lee:  Maurine has over 20 years’ experience in organizational development, facilitation and leadership training. She has extensive experience in coaching and development at all levels of an organization. She also has significant management and operational experience, as well as expertise in change management. Her industry partners have included NASA, DoD, and other government entities.

Paul Lynch:  Paul has over 31 years’ experience with the federal government and retired from the government as a Senior Executive. He has significant experience in leadership and management development. As a former government Senior Executive, he has significant experience in measuring and driving business performance and was responsible for the successful implementation of the reorganization of a headquarters activity and influencing regional changes. More recently, he has provided executive coaching for senior procurement leaders at Customs and Border Protection (CBP). He has also played leadership roles for significant changes at CBP’s Office of Administration, Procurement Directorate, including: development of a viable new employee orientation program; development of an intern development program; development of a Knowledge Management System, and a re-invention of CBP’s Contracting Officer Technical Representative Program.

Ford McLain:  Ford is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army with a Master’s degree in psychological services from Georgia State University and a bachelor’s degree in management from Adelphi University in New York. He has over 27 years of experience in leadership and organizational development, process improvement, facilitation, training and training development. He has considerable experience in survey development and data analysis and documentation. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and the Army’s Organizational Effectiveness School. Ford was Director of the Army Research Institute for Behavioral Science (ARI) in Heidelberg, Germany, where he was Behavioral Science Advisor to a four-star general. His experience includes working with the U.S. military, private industry and government agencies. He has consulted or delivered training at AT&T, GE Capital, BP Amoco, and other organizations and specializes in leadership development and team building.

Kay McNew:  Kay has 36 years of experience with the federal government, retiring as a Senior Executive, serving as Chief Information Officer and Assistant Commissioner for Organizational Resources. Since 2008, she has worked with senior executives and federal managers in strengthening their personal leadership styles and in building cohesive teams. Kay has significant experience in supporting leadership and management development, and was a key supporter of the Leadership Development program and a mentor and coach to junior managers. Her recent experience includes individual coaching and facilitation of groups that desire cohesive teaming. She develops and delivers program management training for government groups undergoing significant change. She has led facilitated working sessions, focusing on change management and organizational redesign and implementation. Kay is a certified Myers-Briggs instructor. She is a member of the American Society for Training & Development, Society for Human Resources Management and the Center for Creative Leadership.

Steve Rose:  Steve has over 10 years’ experience in management and supervision. He has over 5 years’ experience focusing on consultation and executive coaching. He has significant experience in providing facilitation, training, emotional intelligence and relationship management. Steve’s latest work has been coaching and consulting to a variety of leaders from Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Office of Administration, where dealing with change is a necessity. Believing that communication is a cornerstone to effective business, Steve uses a future-thinking approach, with emphasis on the human assets of an organization. Helping others to identify and accomplish their mission is one of Steve’s life-long goals.

Fred Smith:  Fred brings expertise gained in over 25 years in leadership roles in consulting, industry, and academia. His work has focused on providing practical solutions, tools, and processes in leadership development, executive coaching and executive team development, human capital practices, business strategy implementation, and change management. He has worked with over 60 organizations in the public and private sectors at all organizational levels and in over a dozen industries. Fred has contributed to books on performance assessment and absenteeism, and periodically guest lectures on leadership and HR topics. Fred’s recent activities and accomplishments include coaching over a dozen executives across five organizations; providing organization design, new organization stand up, and change management guidance to several organizations, leading strategic plan implementation efforts, facilitating process reviews and improvement teams, developing and delivering program management training, facilitating leadership team development and planning efforts, and developing recruiting, selection, and succession management programs.

Jim Torres:  Jim is CEO of JRT Consulting, Inc., with over 20 years’ experience in coaching, facilitation, communication, and training. He has extensive expertise in organizational and team development, training, conflict resolution, and change management. Jim has significant experience in the integration of development planning and performance management. Jim holds certifications in coaching, facilitation, training, and CPP Level 1 instruments, including the MBTI and Kilmann conflict instruments.

Lisa Hyatt:  Lisa has significant experience in contract and project management, training, financial analysis, accounting management, data analysis, and financial consulting. Serving a broad range of industries, Lisa has led the analysis of financial information for sales and forecasting, and has experience in project planning of on-time production for time-critical markets. Lisa is also skilled in preparing financial packages for executive teams and forecasting for capital investors. Lisa has provided oversight of internal audits to ensure regulatory compliance and operational efficiency and accuracy. Lisa has guided department heads in developing and maintaining yearly budgets within the framework of the company goals. On an ongoing monthly basis, Lisa oversees the accounting procedures and internal controls in order to greatly reduce the likelihood of accounting discrepancies. As a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Lisa is certified in Forensic Accounting and is pursuing an MBA in Global Management.

James Carrier, Ph.D.:  James, a Microsoft Certified Professional, has over 30 years of experience in designing and delivering computer technologies for business clients. Precise delivery of software to provide web, project management and software solutions for the needs of corporate organization speaks of his experience. For the past seven years James has served as associate professor at the community college level, teaching advanced programming techniques to students from diverse backgrounds. He has extensive experience in building and refining software designed for web tracking of information stored within databases. He has first-hand knowledge involving software developed and designed for top level clients such as nationally known law schools, widely acclaimed medical centers and prominent research and development technical centers where he successfully completed databases for storing trade secret information. Prior to his tenure as a college professor, James trained managers and assistant managers in the use of computer software, in particular, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project Manager. During his time as corporate trainer, James managed his own software company where he custom designed many software packages. James has dedicated most of his adult life to teaching as a means of creating and nurturing a lifelong love of knowledge. James’s zest for knowledge and teaching has landed him many awards such as “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities”, “Certificate of Excellence by Student Evaluation of Instruction”, and a nomination for an “Excellence in Teaching Award 2007”.