Facilitation Services  SIN 874-2

Group interaction through meetings can be a costly and inefficient process. Through effective facilitation organizations will realize efficient meetings and significant cost avoidance. The following outlines our facilitation services.

bullet Problem Solving: HiPerf provides facilitation to individuals and to teams. We are also available to assist in-house facilitators with approaching any problem situation in a systematic and logical way. This includes preparation, analyzing the problem(s), generating alternatives, making a decision, action planning, evaluation and implementation.

bullet Defining and Refining Agendas and Meeting Planning: HiPerf will provide meeting management support and facilitation service to effectively design and conduct successful meetings. Meeting design varies from small business meetings to large roll out events (400 – 1000 participants), including change management events. HiPerf will conduct the event or assist our customers with their internal management and implementation plans. This includes acting as the government’s agent to provide the full gamut of meeting support from advertising the event through delivery of the event. This includes, but is not limited to, the development of the theme, coordinating agendas, inviting guests, preparing name tags, determining seating, coordinating multimedia, conducting group exercises, preparing minutes of the meeting, providing facilitation services, etc.

bullet Leading Large and Small Group Discussions: Groups and even successful teams sometimes lose focus and have a hard time meeting objectives. HiPerf assists large and small groups in determining the methods and resources necessary to meet the desired outcomes and will provide group facilitation to ensure the achievement of goals.

bullet Resolving Disputes, Disagreements and Divergent Views: Disagreements within the organization can polarize individuals as well as groups causing the organization to be ineffective. HiPerf provides interventions at all levels of the organization (executive leadership, management and employees) as well as organizational elements (departments, union, customers, and suppliers).

bullet Recording Discussion Content and Focusing: Groups often require the development of a “group memory” in order to supplement interactions as well as become the written record of the group. HiPerf records participant input while facilitating group interaction. HiPerf will provide drafts to support permanent records and will assist in the development of positions for final presentations.

bullet Integrated Product Development Teams (IPD): The complexity of organizational structure often requires a cross-functional team to ensure systems integration. HiPerf facilitates the identification of appropriate team members and the chartering of an IPD team.