Surveying Services  SIN 874-3

Surveys are designed to increase information to improve decision-making. The overall survey process involves identifying the need for a survey, administering the survey, analyzing the survey results, preparing data feedback, and applying the results of the survey. HiPerf tailors the assessment technique to gather data based on the concerns of the customer. The information and data are provided as feedback to the organization in an organized format.

bullet Survey Needs: A survey should only be conducted where there is a specific need. HiPerf will ensure careful and clear identification of the need for and objectives of the survey before proceeding. In understanding the need for a survey, the organization and manager must be aware of a poorly designed survey, the ethical and legal considerations of the survey and any specific organizational policies addressing the survey.

bullet Survey Development: HiPerf will design the types of questions, frame the questions, determine the answer choices for the questions, and sequence the questions.

bullet Survey Administration: HiPerf will administer or conduct the survey, select sample respondents, deliver the survey, and promote participation to ensure theperson maximum percentage of respondent returns of usable survey answer sheets. Sample size and administrative methods will depend on the targeted audience, the intent of the survey, and the time and resources available to conduct the survey.

bullet Survey Analysis: HiPerf will complete the analysis and reduce data into a manageable format. Our analysis will include all necessary statistics and computing information to meet the needs of the survey. All information will be formatted so that managers can clearly understand the nature of the responses.

bullet Survey Data Feedback: The organization should not be expected to devote time to interpreting raw response data. HiPerf will collect the data, interpret the data, provide the results, and provide presentations or briefings concerning the results. HiPerf will provide a complete analysis of the data to show the nature, significance and limitations of the data.

bullet Survey Application: HiPerf will process survey results and identify answers to the questions that prompted the survey. To apply the survey information, HiPerf will identify themes, detect trends, determine implications, and recommend an action plan based on the data.

Survey Examples:

bullet Team Effectiveness Surveys: What is the team’s opinion of its effectiveness? A team effectiveness survey identifies the areas of opportunity for the team and the competencies needed to improve. A team effectiveness survey can be designed to fit the needs of a particular team.

bullet Customer Surveys: How do external or internal customers feel about your products and services? The customer survey is custom-designed from a pool of items in the categories you identify. Surveys are returned directly to HiPerf for scoring and statistical analysis.

bullet Organizational Surveys: How effectively have the vision, mission, and principles of the organization been communicated to its associates? Our values-driven employee survey allows you to select items that represent your organization's culture and practices. Surveys are returned to HiPerf for scoring and analysis, guaranteeing anonymity, security, and efficiency.